WiFi Solutions

Wi-Fi Solutions

KLA offers a turnkey solution from design to installation for all wireless offerings including Wi-Fi and Ultra High Speed Point-to-Point bridging. We provide Wireless LAN, HD Wireless LAN, and Outdoor Mesh deployment services. Our experienced wireless engineers conduct an onsite RF Survey and Spectrum Analysis to better understand the customer’s current environment and produce a complete, reliable design while remaining cost competitive.

In addition to these services, KLA’s experienced team of wireless network engineers provides solutions for outdoor areas and bridging. Using Millimeter Microwave and Free Space Optical technologies, our solutions accommodate high bandwidth requirements for remote campuses or nearby stand-alone buildings, including tower installations.

We deliver comprehensive reports that provide an in-depth analysis customized to support the requirements of our customers specific standards.

KLA has formed a business partnership with companies such as Cisco, LightPointe, and Aerohive Networks, and has the ability to design and deploy many other vendor solutions as required by our customers.