Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

KLA provides systems that will improve cellular signal strength and network capacity for all major carriers in North America.

KLA provides CW testing, site survey, design, installation, commissioning, and optimization of cellular in-building and outdoor wireless distributed antenna systems (DAS) to improve signal strength and network capacity for all major carriers in North America.

These systems eliminate dead spots for cell phones by picking up and repeating signals throughout office buildings, warehouses and other large structures. They are increasingly popular for businesses who want to provide clients and employees seamless voice and data communication wherever they are located around a facility or campus.

For an indoor DAS network, remote antennas are strategically placed throughout a building and are connected with coaxial cable and/or fiber to a single hub containing the wireless service providers' equipment. The indoor DAS solution provides building owners with a single system to address their wireless needs and provides wireless carriers with a system that allows them to tailor their RF signal to meet their specific coverage and capacity needs.

KLA offers DAS solutions for both private and public sectors and has expertise across a variety of markets including:
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Campus environments
  • Retail environments
  • Government facilities
  • Residential communities
  • Hotels, resorts, and convention centers
  • Entertainment venues including stadiums, arenas, and theaters
  • Hospitals and medical centers